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Knowledge of Astrology is for the guidance and benefit of mankind.

Children's Potential

Every parent want their children to become a Doctor or a lawyer, but everyone is not having the same traits. The conditioning of the brain indicates what type of talents that child is having. We should explore the possibility from the Birth Charts to shape the future of the child That is where our efforts will bring success.

Some parents are concerned about the education of their children. Of course, every one also puts in their best efforts for the child to get the best education or training. But not all of them get it! The reason is, the stars. There are facts supported by mathematical calculations that indicate the successfulness of or failure of these efforts. Puru Kaushal is very well versed in these facts and calculations. Hard work, definitely brings results, but only when it is put into the right direction.

After the education period, the parents and kids are concerned about their career. Do you know that astrology can help you have an idea of what could be beneficial for your kid, or you?

Please use the Online Services or call me to get a very elaborative and useful reading about your kid or child. I may be able to help you find unknown or unforeseen problems, and suggest and provide remedies and cure for that. I may be a tool for you to find out your lucky stars.

Remember, my calculations are based on scientific facts.