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Knowledge of Astrology is for the guidance and benefit of mankind.

Life Problems

Our life is the result of past Karma's form many many births. Whatever we suffer it is due to our Bad Karma and success is due to our Good Karma. With the help of Astrology we can NOT install a new pipe of Good Luck, but we can try to open the blocked pipe.

Very few astrologers can penetrate through planets cosmic energy to past Karma, some solutions and treatments can be found.

Common problems in life which be simply ignore sometimes- like relationship problems with relatives, social relations and friend circle etc.

Everything that happens in our life is destined, but there are ways and means provided by the same Almighty who has created us, that can be used to rectify or avoid certain hurdles in life.

For example in -20 degree temprature, The Almighty has given us fire and heating systems to keep ourself warm and viceversa in 40 degree, we use air conditioner. Similarly God always give us chance to know our problems and find natural ways to overcome with prayers and treatments through astrology. These hurdles are possible to identify through some specific calculations. I have been doing these for various communities for a long long time.

You may have come across a situation when everything in life just doesn't go right. Despite of your sincere and best efforts, things just keep going the way you don't expect and want. Contact me quickly and he can help you discover the reasons behind those. I will also suggest you possible means to avoid or correct those situations.