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Universal Prayer (For River Water)

When ever you OFFER to the River Water

"O" Divine WATER
Please accept this little offering. As YOU wash off the dirt of our Body, Clothes etc.
Please help me to wash off my known and unknown Sins.
YOU give us a relief of Life when we drink YOU in thirst and tiredness. No life can exist on this Earth without YOU. PLEASE help me.
Till To-day in Any Birth Under Any Circumstances if I have ever committed a SIN I deeply REGRET it and apologize for it.

Ypu are the Creator and Preserver of All creations. You are Omin Present, Omni Potent, All Pervding.
"O" The Controller of All Creations You are Knower of all the Universes. You are always Full of Mercy and Compassions.
I surrender to YOUR Loyus FEET. Please Pardon My Known and Unknown SINS.
"O" BLISSFULL Lord, Kindly Bless me to lead a Devotional, Truthful, Prosperous, Happy and Healthy Life.
"O" Always Compassionate GOD, please encourage me to help the needy to whom I am Capable of helping.

(Ask for what you want or need)
At this time of my life...........................................

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